Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Article from the New Republic: The Detroit Project

Here is a great article by Bruce Katz (Brookings Institution) in the New Republic called The Detroit Project.

Some good quotes:

"A better return on federal investments will take a functioning local government as well as leadership in suburban counties that is willing to collaborate closely with the city."

"The region’s elected officials should be strongly encouraged to replicate the metropolitan mayors’ caucuses in Chicago and Denver, or a strong metropolitan transportation and land-use agency, as in Portland or Minneapolis."

"This derelict land was as much an economic problem as a physical one, depressing property values and repelling new investments. So these cities reconfigured themselves into denser communities, recycling polluted industrial lands, laying down new rail and transit infrastructure, and investing in projects that created demand not only for particular parcels, but also for the wider urban area."

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