Friday, April 2, 2010

Articles (4/2): The New Urban Landscape

There was a great article that appeared on yesterday called Americans Rebuild for the new urban century that talks about how transit-oriented urban centers and shorter car commutes are becoming more popular, and endless sprawl is becoming unpopular. I think one interesting thing to note from the piece is that Charlotte, North Carolina realized that suburban growth was unmanageable 30 years ago, yet our region still struggles with that notion.

The article was linked to PBS's series Blueprint America which created an excellent piece about Detroit a few months ago.

I was really happy to see an article on called Washtenaw County officials question worth of investment in SEMCOG. The article says "Washtenaw County Commissioner Conan Smith said he thinks SEMCOG needs a change in leadership and governance reform."

Thank you Conan for being bold. I nominate you to lead and reform SEMCOG.

A few other articles about dealing with sprawl in Los Angeles, in Tampa, the growth in poverty in the suburbs by the Brookings Institution, and a good article from the Natural Resources Defense Council.

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  1. Yes, interesting article. I will actually be living and working in Charlotte this summer. I'm interested to see how good the public transportation system is there in reality.

    Also of note -- Austin, TX (where I'm living now) just opened a light rail system this week, which is good news since the region is growing so fast and is becoming quite congested. However, the light rail service has few stops and only operates on weekdays during rush hour. A step in the right direction at least.