Friday, April 23, 2010

Transit Map 2

As a follow up to Transit Map 1, Transit Map 2 connects the Detroit / Oakland County transit line and loop to an east-west Detroit-Ann Arbor line. Like Transit Map 1, I assumed no cost or development boundaries, and built the system along rail, road, and interstate corridors between Detroit and Ann Arbor. You see there is also a spur that could be built going east from downtown Detroit out to Oakland County. At some point, I will post that long-winded graduate school paper that forms the basis of these designs.

These maps are just food for thought. They do not take into account costs, and they are not perfect in terms of the corridors. My approach to these transit maps is to connect people with destinations and existing clusters of development (like Ford in Dearborn). They all require strong integration with on-demand shuttles, commuter car lots, buses, and other forms of transportation that will allow users to reach their final destination. If you build the system smart and seamlessly integrate it with other forms of transportation, the more robust and useful the system could be.

Sorry for the poor quality. MS Paint isn't the best, and I'm looking for volunteers that have the capability to truly plot this all out.

Like always, food for thought.

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