Monday, May 2, 2011

2011-05-02 News


New Ann Arbor SPARK CEO Paul Krutko lays out job creation philosophy

In China, Art Is Making a Commercial Statement

Detroit / Urban Revitalization

Bloomberg: U.S. Should Make All New Immigrants Live in Detroit

Detroiters split on Bloomberg plan to repopulate city with immigrants

It's this again: Why does the never ending gas price discussion exist in a bubble?

Our Voice: Michigan must climb aboard movement to ride the rails

Group will show off homes it has rehabbed in Grandmont and Rosedale Park areas of Detroit|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|s

Some city neighborhoods gain despite Detroit population pain

Rossetti redux: Preserving the Cobo legacy, undoing the past

Gateway Park developers have eye on brownfield deadline

Transportation / Transit / Aerotropolis

Passenger Transportation Blog

St. Louis attorney at helm of Chinese air cargo deal

Tom Walsh: It's not time to panic yet at pump|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|s

Trains Don’t Have a Monopoly on Subsidies

Curbside or median, rail route decision stops with Bing

When will costs fuel change?: Truckers pass along increases now; clock running for substantive shift

State Policy & Politics

Guest commentary: Legislation would cut time to save homes|head

Home Rule and Governor Snyder’s Monumental Challenge (Part 1)

Reacting to the Governor’s Government Reform Proposals (Part 2)

Brian Dickerson: A pragmatist's radical vision -- Rick Snyder has a messianic faith in markets and metrics

State tax reform moves to Senate

Business / Energy / Auto 2.0

‘Cluster’ strategy helps Holland industries find prosperity

GM Revs Up Its Lobbying

Rick Haglund: More Michigan companies find the need to export

Slight growth seen in state venture capital

Another for-profit incubator? Yep, says Jeff Sloan

Detroit is leading the way in igniting a green economy

Alternative power projects in Michigan being held up by lack of Energy Department loan guarantees

MEDC seeks proposals for helping entrepreneurs

Michigan venture capitalists have more than $200 million for new startup investments


Strapped cities asking voters for help through millages

After 4 months of declines, homebuilding permits in region up in March

ALLEN PARK: DDA, city may swap funds in order to pay for former studio property

Old industrial gets new lease on biz life: Variety comes to Royal Oak district

Huron River Watershed Council hopes 100-mile water trail will boost river tourism

KEITH CRAIN: A lot of our economy relies on the weather

Cities team up to woo home buyers

Sustainability / Smart Growth

Southern California's great migration
Amid shifting demographics, Southern California has another chance to master the art of planning for sustainable growth.,0,7966779.story

NORA Provides Blueprint on How to Beat the "Shrinking City" Syndrome

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