Sunday, August 21, 2011

News (8.21.11)


How to end the new War Between the States

States mull taxing drivers by the mile

Capturing the Idling of the Motor City

Sleeping Bear Dunes Voted 'Most Beautiful Place in America'

Transportation / Transit / Aerotropolis

OTHER VOICES: How to bring mass transit to the region

Detroit-area freight–related study launched

HURON TWP.: Township withdraws from Aerotropolis

The Star’s editorial | Air cargo hub is a dubious proposition (St. Louis)

Royal Oak, aerotropolis projects get federal grants totaling $1 million

Letters: More of Aerotropolis' benefits will materialize in the future

Carol Cain: Hopes for growth tied to airports soar

ROMULUS: Turkia Awada Mullin named Wayne County Airport Authority’s CEO

CNN: The Gateway

WA3 receives $750,000 federal grant to help make Woodward Avenue a 'complete street'

$28.2 million in investment funding OK'd for Dearborn Train Station project

Brandyn: Build a Transit System

Business / Auto

Making Low-Interest Auto Loans Work

Canton firm lobbies for federal support of wind energy

A123 Systems Moves From the Lab to the Assembly Line

Get a job encouraging better coverage of economic news in Detroit

4 Funding Sources For Startups, Established Businesses in Michigan

Cash-Rich Companies Begin to Make Renewable Energy Investments

National Policy / Politics

Urban Manufacturing Alliance: Bringing Manufacturing Back to the City

Big chains and government target "food deserts"

Sustainable Living, Liberty And The Pursuit Of Urban Farms – OpEd

Guess Who Doesn’t Want the EPA “Padlocked”? Detroit, That’s Who

Regional News

Macomb County attains AAA bond rating from Standard & Poor's

Feds to help with Rouge Complex clean up

The importance of being Hansen

Macomb exec advocates tri-county classic car cruise

Detroit Suburbs Become Unlikely Site for Geothermal Drilling Projects

Detroit / Urban Revitalization

The real deal: Longtime friends key to Gilbert's strategy

Neighborhood skeptical of urban farming project

Loft living is where the action is in metro Detroit|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|p

Detroit businesses in national spotlight as entrepreneurs speak on White House panel

Chase Foundation gives $1M for Detroit housing incentives$1M-for-Detroit-housing-incentives

Somerset to nearly double the size of CityLoft downtown Aug. 25-27

Roosevelt Park Revival: World-class skate plaza planned outside iconic train station in Detroit

U.S. blasts state's investigation of Detroit Human Services|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

Ousted supervisor sues Detroit; says she tried to halt spending

Is Detroit the Next Brooklyn?

Experts: Detroiters cut off from healthy food options

Michigan Policy / Politics

Snyder: Let's take challenge to emergency manager law right to Supreme Court

MEGA approves incentives for $173 million in new investment$173-million-in-new-investment/

Governments race to finish dashboards by deadline: Millions at stake in revenue sharing

Urbanism / Smart Growth / Sustainability

Arlington, Virginia: More Evidence That Growth Can Be Green

Can Suburbs Be Designed to Do Away with the Car?

New data show how transit corridors reduce traffic, increase walking

Transit Access and Zero-Vehicle Households

Transit Accessibility and You

Can a Sustainable City Rise in the Middle Eastern Desert?

Cities Where Americans Can’t Get To Work

City's Now Taking Bids For Transit-Oriented "Area Plans" and "Catalyst Project Concepts" (Dallas)


Jews join community push to revitalize Detroit with youth.

Family Vacations In Detroit: A Huffington Post Travel Guide

A new role-playing video game puts a revitalized Detroit in the spotlight

Monday, August 15, 2011

News 8.15.11


The Forecloser
John Oliver meets with a Florida couple and rookie lawyer who foreclosed on Bank of America and turns their incredible story into a movie.

Stop Coddling the Super-Rich


Summer in the City volunteers paint mural|defcon|img|FRONTPAGE

Painting the town: Summer in the City artists think big

The 20 Best & Worst Cities for Your Astrological Sign


Carol Cain: New airport boss Mullin fires back at her critics

Editorial: A modern public transit system is within reach

Pontiac's train station downsizes, but upgrades

Editorial: Q&A with Transit Administrator Peter Rogoff: Build balanced transit

Panel's tour of proposed Detroit bridge site turns into debate

Michigan Policy & Politics

Federal, state business leaders back plan to integrate travel, energy, Internet

U.S. snubs state for clinic funds from health care reform law

Detroit / Urban Revitalization

10 great places to explore urban neighborhoods (Corktown)

Guest commentary: Detroit can win by using genius of the Internet

Eleanor Josaitis: A gift to Detroit for 43 years|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|s&odyssey=mod|dnmiss|umbrella|5

Focus: Hope builds on brand: Nonprofit reworks finances with eye on mission

MARY KRAMER: Putting a face on Gilbert's investment

Detroit's $2M ticket hangs in the balance with JLA talks

Detroit Works Project already running behind schedule after starting behind schedule

It's alive! Live Midtown residential incentive program a runaway hit in Detroit

Business / Auto / Energy

Get ready for the new era of manufacturing

Defense industry braces for federal budget cuts, possible automatic trims


National Policy / Politics

America's 'food deserts'

The Fall of the Midwest Economic Model

Clean Car Sites Are the Go-To Stump for Obama's Jobs Message

GOP Looks to Cement Gains

Regional News

Ann Arbor to County: Levy Econ Dev Tax

ANN ARBOR: Companies move into University of Michigan Venture Accelerator

Smart Growth / Sustainability

3 Key Environmental Issues Worth Paying Attention To

The Importance of Regional Planning That Matters

Let’s make urban revitalization greener, greater, and more inclusive

Civil Rights Group Demands End to Car-Centric Transportation Policies

The high cost of getting to work

Thursday, August 11, 2011

News 8.11.11


The Day Our Leaders Got Unstuck

End political gridlock: Put a Millennial in charge

Why Detroit Could Be the Next Big Startup City

What A Detroit Supper Club Teaches Us About Co-Creativity

Transportation / Transit / Aerotropolis

Study examines extending Woodward light rail from Detroit to suburbs like Ferndale, Birmingham|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

What will it take to make a regional transit authority happen?

Transportation Spending Is the Right Stimulus

Ficano's Aerotropolis concept flies in Novi

Transit chief: Cooperation is key

New transit center in Pontiac welcomes train, bus commuters

Movers and shakers

Feds Call “All Hands On Deck” For Detroit Transit

Train, Rail Projects Could Be Finalized This Week

A Plan to Save U.S. Infrastructure That Might Actually Work

Bloomberg, Schwarzenegger: U.S. Must Modernize Its Infrastructure, Invest In High-Speed Rail

Regional News

Hackel: Macomb County adds 600 jobs in first half of '11

Complete Streets Plan Takes Step Forward in Oakland County

Oakland County government ranks 4th in digital innovation

Macomb County finding ways to cut costs for future budgets

Canton firm pulls out, cuts 84 jobs

Businesses commit $55.1 million to investments in Macomb

Detroit / Urban Revitalization

Patterson: Kilpatrick proves he's a fiction writer, too

Commercial farming to start in Detroit with 1,000 trees

Feds launch probe into Detroit's Human Services department

Eastern Market may add Sundays to days of operation

Astro Coffee: The new Detroit cool

Mayor Dave Bing tells fellows that Detroit could be on verge of greatness

Redevelopment, incentives have renters eyeing Detroit

Taking root: Art sprouts in Northend neighborhood gardens

Detroit in Overdrive: See the Revolution

Whole Foods, Meet Detroit’s Notorious Nay-Sayers

Feds laud Detroit for emerging downtown IT sector

Detroit charter commission to review Lansing objections as deadline approaches

Business / Auto / Energy

Tom Walsh: Tony Earley is big loss for Detroit, a Mr. Fixit for California utility|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

GE goes on hiring spree in Detroit area

GM Gives Solar Canopy Company A Charge

General Motors picks A123 Systems to produce electric vehicle battery packs at Livonia plant

Backers: Answer to economic development is blowin' in the wind

Why Cars Are Getting Geekier

Michigan companies win $45M in fed energy grants$45M-in-fed-energy-grants

Midwest is Poised to be the Silicon Valley of the Clean Vehicle Industry

National Policy & Politics

Can the Middle Class Be Saved?

Government as Innovation's Spark Plug

Urban Issues / Smart Growth / Sustainability

Do Private Foundations Wield Too Much Power in Rust Belt Cities?

Ex-Youngstown Mayor Tackles the Work of Revitalizing Automotive Communities

A plan to help Atlanta think big

Urban revitalization is green. Let's make it greener, greater, and more inclusive.

Seeing cities as the environmental solution, not the problem


Spirit of Detroit: Unsung heroes serve city

Eleanor M. Josaitis, Housewife-Turned-Urban Activist, Dies at 79

Visiting Mies van der Rohe in Detroit

Neighborhoods Day in Detroit

DPS I'M IN Campaign

Sunday, August 7, 2011

News 8.7.11


Detroit’s downtown ‘starting to fight back’

Airport board, Mullin must be transparent

Transportation / Transit / Aerotropolis

Wayne County airport's new CEO is business savvy county insider with no airport background

New airport director tied to land deal; investor's search firm later selected her for job|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|s

Interview: New Director Of Detroit Metro Airport

Mullin hopes to ‘leverage' Metro: Authority's new CEO charts course for non-airline revenue

U.S. DOT Awards $336.2M for Next-Gen Trains

Don't make us finish Gateway bridge-approach project, insurer tells judge|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

A dim future for St. Lawrence Seaway

An Ambassador Bridge second-span? Unpacking its proposed purpose

From Sprawling New Jersey, a New Way Forward for State DOTs

Australia Unveils High-Speed Rail Project

Detroit / Urban Revitalization

Group helps young Jewish people move to Detroit

Detroit Jewish group looking for a few young urban pioneers

Astro Coffee in Detroit|defcon|img|FRONTPAGE

Detroiters turn out to boost neighborhoods|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

ARISE Detroit's Neighborhoods Day promotes beautification work and fun|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|s

An interview with Mayor Dave Bing: 'There's a lot of momentum to build on'|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

Transform Woodward ponders light rail beyond Detroit

Panel advising light-rail project to meet Monday with invited biz, community leaders

Rochelle Riley: Feeling the Brotherly Love|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|p

Editorial: At last, Michigan gets an urban czar|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|p

Jeff Gerritt: Detroit Works forges ahead|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|p

A long, hard path to renewal

Detroit's Department of Human Services spent funds for poor to buy gift cards|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

Initial opening of Somerset CityLoft in Detroit 'far exceeded expectations,' official says

Business / Auto

Report: Michigan’s battery industry will have vital ingredient lithium through end of century

Rapid growth of Michigan farmers markets prompts support push

U.S. official praises Detroit IT recruitment|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|s

Regional News

New 14th District is a land of opposites

Interactive: A deeper look at the 14th Congressional District

Oakland International Airport gets more modern, environmentally friendly

Why did Wayne County think Pinnacle Race Course's horsey set could revive the economy?

National Policy & Politics

Win Together or Lose Together

What Happened to Obama?

Michigan Policy & Politics

Clean water critical to Michigan

U-M poll: Many local officials say Michigan on wrong track

State breaks ground on MEGA successor: Brownfield replacement also in works