Monday, November 28, 2011

News from Detroit 11.28.11


Saying Thank You to Those Who Support Detroit


Transformative Infrastructure to Boost Exports and Manufacturing

Making of a Mural: Welcome to Woodbridge

Can Motor City restart its engines?

SOURCES: Ficano deputy spends county time raising campaign money, organizing political events,-organizing-cpoltical-events


Talking about the city: Say hello to new Model D publisher, Claire Nelson

"Detroit," Meet Detroit

Detroit Is the Only Place That Matters

Developer revives long-held dream

Focus: HOPE halts workforce training programs

I'm a Detroiter Too: A Response

Riverfront's rebirth proves what's possible in Detroit

Rochelle Riley: A new idea for an old eyesore|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|p

Restorations Aplenty in Detroit

Mayor Bing must tap business pals

Editorial: Time for Detroit to act

Why Detroit? Why Now?

Living at Home in the 6th Happiest City in the Nation

Struggling Detroit Seeks Economic Boost

900 oak saplings taking root in businessman's Detroit farm|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

Hantz Farms finally growing in Detroit

Urban Farming Grows in Detroit

Developer revives long-held dream

Detroit's future looks bright

Why Choose Detroit?

Transcript, video of Detroit Mayor Dave Bing's speech

Even in the most violent areas, Detroiters cultivate a sense of community

A Simple Plan for Detroit's Resurgence

Bing: Back my proposals or get ready for emergency manager, bankruptcy

Culture / Art / People

Picturing Motor City: Julia Reyes Taubman Trains Her Lens on Detroit


Jeffrey Eugenides – Against Ruin Porn

New Chyrsler Ad For Thanksiving Game Quotes Edgar Albert Guest

Upcoming Chrysler ad is based on 'Imported from Detroit' campaign|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|p

Book reveals Detroit's decay, majesty

Touring the Parade Company

Touring the D

Disciplined for success: From ballet dancer to CEO|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|p

A food adventure in Detroit

Regional News

From the comments: Detroit will not spontaneously combust, or why the city's problems are the region's problems

Ann Arbor beats Cambridge and Berkeley for smartest city in the U.S.

Wayne County Airport Authority elects DMC exec Mary Zuckerman to chair board

Head of Medical Main Street to oversee Oakland County's economic development efforts

Amid Wayne Co. scandal, Macomb Co. officials pass ethics ordinance

Transportation / Transit / Aerotropolis

Detroit light-rail project's path to funding to get easier|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|p

Obama signs bill that green lights Woodward light rail private funding deal

U.S. OKs $150M for Chicago-Detroit high-speed rail$150M-for-Chicago-Detroit-high-speed-rail

Editorial: Regional authority is key to any transit progress|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|p

Study points to deficiencies around Memphis airport area

Cash boost for Dubai World Central aviation plan

A Will for Transit in Metro Detroit

Ficano, Patterson support second bridge

I94 in Detroit is one of the most congested roads in America

City of Grand Blanc to support aerotropolis designation, township to consider decision at later time

Why We Can Afford High-Speed Rail

Regional transit bills linked to creation of a third bus system

Gov. Rick Snyder to push ahead on new Detroit River bridge, House speaker says

Pictures: Amazing Transportation Inventions

New Bridge Proposed Between Detroit And Canada A Prisoner To History

Michigan Policy

A state of innovation is focus at Accelerate Michigan event

Powers pledge $15M to keep conversation going

Welcome to Austerityville
Can a technocrat save the Michigan city that democracy failed?

Ron Dzwonkowski: Forget taxes and regulations, Michigan must build it so they'll come

MEGA Projects

Michigan Receives $7.1 Million in 2011 HUD Sustainable Communities Awards, Nation's Largest Total

Author Thomas Friedman will keynote Mackinac conference

National Policy / Politics

How the GOP Became the Party of the Rich

Smile. They Can't Commoditize Creativity

Business / Auto

Google’s Lab of Wildest Dreams

Detroit’s Tech Town: An Incubator of Creativity

Resurrection Corridor

Lights, cameras, interaction
Supplier innovations drive the cars of the very near future

From Model Ts to Green Start-ups

A123 layoffs expected to be temporary|newswell|text|Livonia|p

Novi Recognized for Fostering Entrepreneurial Growth, Economic Development

Forbes lists Detroit 40th on its list of best places to get a tech job, but calls it an 'up-and-comer'

Enterprise Detroit Announces Name Change to Detroit Development Fund and Plans Move to Harmonie Park

Competition highlights growing ranks of successful tech startups

Urban Issues

Urban Areas Defy Crime Trends

Is the solution to sprawl reimagining office parks?

How should we design the cities of our dreams?

The True Choice: Jobs vs. Pollution

Wanted: Revolutionaries Ready to Lead the Country's Second Great Rust Belt Recovery

Planning for a smaller future

Life in the Rust Belt’s Growing Concentrated Poverty Zones

Mapping the innovative city

The Death of the Fringe Suburb

To Rethink Sprawl, Start With Offices

Fostering Sustainability in Houston

Resetting Urban Land Use: What’s Next?

Wayne County Saga

State Rep. Olumnba calls for Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano to resign in wake of severance scandal|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|s

Wayne County commissioners' proposals aim to increase government transparency|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|s

$308K seized in Wayne County corruption probe$308K-seized-in-Wayne-County-corruption-probe

Wayne County has amassed thousands of records in response to FBI subpoenas

Who's Involved with Bob Ficano's PAC?

Did local developer with close county ties have inside track to federal money?

Development deals raise conflict issue for Ficano aide

Feds' subpoenas target Wayne County business dealings

$220M jail deal comes under fire amid Wayne Co. probe$220M-jail-deal-comes-under-fire-amid-Wayne-Co.-probe

History gets bit of editing at new jail site

Ex-chairwoman of Detroit Metro Airport board didn't disclose conflicts of interest|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

Editorial: Keep track of Wayne County funds

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